Vision 2040 & Beyond Essays

"If you have trouble thinking about the future, try this idea: We already live in the future, the one that our parents and grandparents made. They invented things that we take for granted today, but their choices also bequeathed us some worsening problems, from urban gridlock to accelerating climate change. We are better off because of their inventions, but we might wish they’d thought more carefully about where some of those inventions would lead" —Jarrett Walker, public transit design and policy consultant

During the development of the 2016 RTP/SCS, the Southern California Association of Governments engaged thought leaders in transportation and land use planning to participate in a series of essays on the future of mobility and sustainability in coming decades. The goal of this series is to continue the regional dialogue on how advances in technology, changes in demographics, forecasted impacts of continued climate change, and other developments will influence the way we use land and travel in the future. As a whole, the series is intended to offer Southern Californians a deeper understanding of the strategies discussed in the 2016 RTP/SCS and different perspectives to inform its implementation.